Recruitment 2021

It’s primary recruitment season for many of our chapters! After an unprecedented year, our members and chapters are busy getting ready to welcome Potential New Members (PNMs). We asked the collegiate Membership Directors and Provisional Member Directors from our chapters at University of Mississippi, Purdue University and Texas Christian University about what’s changed, what they’re looking forward to and what advice they have for PNMs going through recruitment. Read on to see the insights they shared.

Please note: these responses were collected this summer and we continue to monitor the impact of the delta variant on our chapters’ recruitment plans.

Chapters, like Alpha Delta at Ole Miss (pictured here), are looking forward to Bid Day 2021.

What will be different about this fall’s recruitment?

Victoria Welker, Delta Epsilon Chapter’s Membership Director, is planning for the “most unusual yet arguably the most exciting recruitment that we’ve ever experienced,” at Purdue University. Chapters will host virtual events for the open house and first rounds of recruitment and will meet PNMs in-person for second invitational and Preference rounds. “The build up to meeting these incoming PNMs in person is going to make the actual experience so amazing and worth it,” said Victoria.

The Alpha Delta Chapter at the University of Mississippi will have a completely different recruitment experience because their chapter house is being renovated and they will host their recruitment events at a fraternity’s house. Like many campuses, Ole Miss has revamped its first day of recruitment to include a chapter video in place of an open house round. The rest of their rounds will be in person. “I have missed the energy that comes from in-person recruitment and the camaraderie that develops from it too,” said Tory Harless, Alpha Delta Chapter’s Membership Director. “I am most excited for our 2020 Phi Class to experience a ‘normal’ recruitment … they have worked so hard and I cannot wait to see that work pay off by bringing in an amazing new group of women!”

How has your chapter been getting ready for recruitment?

The Epsilon Iota Chapter at Texas Christian University has been preparing for recruitment since December 2020. In July, TCU approved an in-person recruitment and the chapter has been “working on overdrive” ever since to prepare for fall 2021 recruitment.

Delta Epsilon Chapter members are returning to campus a week early for recruitment work week. Like many Phi Mu chapters, they will be working that week to prepare and make sure they are ready. Many chapters, like Alpha Delta at Ole Miss, incorporate themes for each day of work week to make sure they have fun while perfecting all the details for recruitment.

The Big/Little Sister program is a favorite tradition of the Phi Mu New Member Experience.

What will the new member experience be like this year?

The Delta Epsilon Chapter is excited for Bid Day and for making updates to the Phi Program (new member program). From planning events like a unique Bid Day to a gift-filled week for Big Sister/Little Sister Reveal, members strive to demonstrate their values within their chapter’s tradition.

After a year of meeting restrictions at TCU, Paige Czepiel, Epsilon Iota’s Phi Director, is busy planning a fully in-person Bid Day and Phi Program this fall, beginning with a Lucky Charms-inspired Bid Day. Her favorite part of the new member experience is how involved everyone in the chapter gets. “Whether it’s being a Bid Day Buddy, a Big Sister, a Phi Pal or an Academic Mentor, there’s an opportunity for everyone to jump in and help the Phis find their place within our chapter,” said Paige. “I love watching these bonds form and seeing the relationships between Phis and initiated members grow throughout the semester. It makes Initiation so sweet and special.” 

The Alpha Delta Chapter at Ole Miss is also planning in-person experiences for its new members this fall. Although their house is still under renovation, they will welcome new members on their lawn and celebrate Bid Day with the entire chapter at Marriott Rooftop in Oxford. “What I love most about our chapter’s new member experience is the love and support that comes with it,” said Tory. “It gave me a wonderful group of women who life me up and love me for me … I hope the new Phi Class is able to experience the same thing this year.”

Phi Mu chapters across the country are excited to welcome new members this year. Check out our tips for Potential New Members!

What advice do you have for PNMs participating in recruitment this fall?

“My biggest piece of advice is to be yourself and trust the process. As a PNM, it can feel overwhelming and very nerve-racking but I can assure you that we are just as overwhelmed and excited to meet you as you are to meet us. In the end, everything happens for a reason, and it will lead you to where you are meant to be.” ~ Sarah Littlejohn, Epsilon Iota (Texas Christian University)

“You will end up where you are meant to be. Take in this amazing, once in a lifetime process you get to go through, don’t stress too much and remember to have fun!” ~ Tory Harless, Alpha Delta (University of Mississippi)

“We want to get to know the real you! Be yourself and embrace the experience of meeting some incredible women in the Greek community. Think about what values are important to you and what you want to get out of being in a sorority.” ~ Victoria Welker, Delta Epsilon (Purdue University)

Additional information for Potential New Members participating in recruitment this year can be found HERE.